2016 Pet Licenses Available

Ordinance 8.04
2015 Pet Licenses are now available at the City Office – 1001 E 4th Avenue, Milbank, SD. 2014 Pet Licenses expire on December 31, 2014.

8.04.020 License required. It shall be unlawful for any person within the city to keep, maintain or have in his custody or under his control any dog or animal of the dog kind or any cat or animal of the cat family without first having obtained a license to do so from the city finance officer as provided in this chapter and without having paid the license fee therefore. (Ord. 538, Sec. 2, 1987; Ord 580, Sec. 2).

8.04.021 License Application. Any person desiring to keep, maintain or have in his custody or control by himself or agent within the city, any animal identified in Section 8.04.020 shall on or before the thirty first day of December in each year make application to the city finance officer for a license to keep such animal; such application shall be writing stating the type of animal, name, sex, color and other distinguishing characteristics of said animal and the name of the owner thereof, and that said animal has no vicious propensities so far as known to said applicant, which application shall be made on a printed blank furnished by the city treasurer and shall be filed with said city finance officer. (Ord. 580, Sec. 3).

8.04.022 License Fee and Tag. An applicant for an animal license shall at the time of making an application pay to the city finance officer as a license fee the sum of three dollars ($3.00) for each castrated animal or spayed female animal and the sum of five dollars (S5.00) for each uncastrated male animal or unspayed female animal, and it hall be the duty of the city finance officer, at the time of the issuance of the license provided for in this article, to furnish and deliver to said applicant a metallic tag for each animal for which such license is issued, upon which tag shall be stamped or engraved the registered number of the animal and the year when registered, and it shall then be the duty of the owner of the animal to place a collar around the neck of such animal so owned or kept by him, on which collar shall be securely fastened a metallic tag so furnished by the city finance officer; provided that in case of the loss of any tag so issued, the said city finance officer is authorized to issue a duplicate thereof upon payment of the actual cost of same upon application being made therefore and upon satisfactory proof that such tag has been lost. (Ord. 538, Sec. 2 1987; Ord. 580, Sec. 4).

8.04.023 Certificate of inoculation. In addition to the payment of a license fee as set forth in this article, the applicant shall exhibit to the city finance officer a certificate by a registered veterinarian showing that his animal has been inoculated against rabies and that said inoculation will be effective during the period for which the dog or cat is licensed. (Ord. 580, Sec. 5).

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