City Council

Milbank is governed by a Mayor and a six member City Council. The City Council meets the second Monday of each month at 7:00 pm at the Visitor’s Center, 1001 East Fourth Avenue. All other special meetings are duly posted.

Citizens are welcome to attend City Council meetings if you have a question about a particular issue or would just like to be aware of what is happening in the City.



Pat Raffety

Has served as Mayor since 2014.
Prior to 2014, Raffety served as Councilman.



City Council

Meeting Agenda & Minutes

Milbank is divided into three wards. Each ward is represented by two council members. The City Council has staggered four year terms, with three seats up for election, one from each ward.


Steve Wiener

Served on council since 1998. He serves as the Water and Industrial Development Councilman





Joel Foster

Served on council since 2001. He serves as the Waste Water and Airport Councilman.

Jason Redmond

Served on council since 2014. He oversees the Streets and Rubble Site Departments





JamesJames Johnson

Served on council since 2015. He oversees the Finance Department.

Mike Hanson

Served on council since 2013. He serves as the Park/Cemetery, Planning & Zoning and Code Enforcement/Property Standards and Fire Department Councilman.




Lane Lindquist

Served on council since 2001. He works with the Police Department and Grant County Emergency Board.


Voter Ward Map