Snow Removal Procedures

Snow Removal Procedures

City of Milbank

As of 11/9/15


An effort will be made to ensure that the following streets are passable at all times. These streets will be plowed periodically throughout the duration of any storm and tickets will not be issued on these streets until such time as the below prescribed snow alert procedure has been followed.

  • Diggs Ave from SD HWY 15 to Main St.
  • Railway Ave from Main St to Viola St.
  • Viola St from US HWY 12 to Milbank Ave.
  • Milbank Ave from Viola St to Aspen Dr.
  • Flynn Dr from SD HWY 12 to 7th Ave
  • 7th St from US HWY 12 to 12th Ave
  • 2nd St from US HWY 12 to Villa Ln
  • Madison St from US HWY 12 to W 8th Ave
  • West 7th Ave from Madison St to SD HWY 15
  • 7th Ave from 2nd St to Flynn Dr
  • 10th Ave from SD HWY 15 to Jefferson Dr
  • 12th Ave from SD HWY 15 to Adams Dr
  • Sawrey Dr from 2nd St to 12th Ave


The city will provide the residents of the community as much notification as possible with regards to snow removal start time. The city will attempt to utilize four different methods of disseminating snow alert information.

  • Send email, text, or phone call through automated system to residents that have signed up for notification service.
  • Broadcast on local KMSD Radio Station when station is broadcasting
  • Broadcast on TV Networks when stations are broadcasting
  • Post updated schedules on city website,
  • Contact the local newspaper organizations so that they can disseminate through their Social media sites.

This information at a minimum will include the time at which plowing is expected to begin. If snow removal takes places in areas prior to the time indicated in the snow alert, standard rule will be that tickets will not be issued for those vehicles left in the roadway. Vehicles left in the roadway after the snow alert has become effective will be ticketed. The city will make every attempt possible to revisit sites where vehicles were parked within 24hrs of the alert to clean the street. If the vehicle is still present, it will be towed at that time and the snow removed from the roadway. That is the time that all vehicles will be required to be removed from the roadways or they will be ticketed if and when they effect the orderly removal of snow and ice from the roadway. The snow alert will expire when one of two conditions are met. The city has completely removed the snow on a roadway from curb to curb. The City of Milbank has rescinded the snow alert through one of the above mentioned methods.


Removing snow in the downtown area presents a unique set of challenges and therefore it requires different procedures. Snow removal in the downtown area will be completed prior to 7:00am whenever possible. Therefore there will be two options for the removal of snow from sidewalks and driveways in this area.

  • Sidewalks and driveways will be cleared prior to the City of Milbank clearing the streets. Once the city has cleared the street in front of a business, it is unlawful for that business to deposit the snow from the sidewalk into the roadway. Milbank Code 12.44.040 states, “Depositing snow or ice on public place. It is unlawful for any person to throw or put, or cause to be thrown or put, any snow or ice into any street avenue or other public place in the city once the street, avenue or other public place has been cleared of snow or ice by city maintenance crews.”
  • Sidewalks and driveways will be cleared in accordance with Milbank City Code 12.44.010 which states, “It shall be the duty of lessee or occupant of first or ground floor, or person having charge, or if there be no lessee, occupant or person having charge, then the owner of each and every parcel of real estate in the city, abutting or bordering upon any street, avenue, highway or other public place, to remove or cause to be removed all snow and ice from sidewalk in front of or adjacent to such premises to the full width of such sidewalk, within eight hours of daylight after such snow or ice shall have fallen or accumulated thereon.” The result of the two preceding laws will require anyone not having the sidewalk cleared along Main St prior to the clearing of the roadway will have to haul the snow from the sidewalk to a different location at the owner’s effort or expense.


The City of Milbank will make every effort to clear the sidewalk along both sides of HWY 12 from Madison St to 9th St. During smaller snow events we will push the snow to the boulevard. When snow fills the boulevard or following large snow event the city will remove the snow from the boulevard and the sidewalk and place it in the street. The city will then have that snow removed from the driving surface and hauled away.

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