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Don Settje
Water Department Manager
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Waste Water

wastewatertreatmentDick Poppen
Waste Water Department Superintendent
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pdfDownload Application for Direct Payment Authorization (ACH).
All completed forms can be e-mailed to assistant_citymilbank@sstel.net, faxed to 605-432-9576, or dropped off/mailed to City of Milbank • 1001 E 4th Ave Suite 301 • Milbank, SD 57252
All water and sewer is billed on the 23rd of each month.  Payment should be made on or before the 15th of each month or a $5.00 charge will be assessed immediately.  Should the 15th fall on a weekend or holiday, payments will be accepted the next business day.
Water meters are read by the City quarterly on the first of March, June, September and December.  If a customer does not send in a water meter reading the other months, an estimated reading is used until an actual reading is present.
There is a minimum base charge per month per meter for active water and sewer services.  The base charge is determined by the appropriate demand rate or meter size.  Residential meters usually measure 5/8”, which is a water base rate of $5.50, water Transline base rate of $10.00, sewer base rate of $14.50, and SRF #1 base rate of $8.50.  Larger meters used by some businesses are charged according to size and demand.  The only way to eliminate a billing of the base charge on empty property is to have the City turn the water off at the street. Turning the water valve off inside the property does not alleviate base charges.

In addition to the minimum water base charge, there is a $.70 charge for each 100 cubic feet (750 gallons) of water reflected by the meter.
In addition to the minimum sewer base charge there is a $1.80 charge per 100 cubic feet (750 gallons).  The sewer usage is decided by the average usage from the December to March reading.  Residential sewer is set on the April bill, and stays the same until the following April billing.  Commercial sewer is charged each month according to the amount of water usage.


An example of an average monthly billing for one person with a 5/8” meter:

Water = 250 cubic feet (1,875 gallons) x .70 per 100 cu ft      = $1.75
Sewer = 250 cubic feet (1,875 gallons) x 1.80 per 100 cu ft    = $4.50
Water Base          = $5.50
Water Transline = $10.00
Sewer Base          = $14.50
SRF #1                 =   $8.50
Total Billing         $44.75

2016 Drinking Water Report

Water hardness 35-41 grains per gallon

All questions regarding Utility Bills please contact:
Brandy Blauert – Administrative Assistant
1001 E 4th Ave Suite 301
Milbank, SD 57252
Phone:  605-432-9575
Fax: 605-432-9576
Email: assistant_citymilbank@sstel.net